Paver Brick Machine

Brand :HONGYI--QTF10-15

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :35 Days

Supply capacity :200 sets/year


Product introduction:
The QTF10-15 concrete block brick machine has the function of layered material distribution. The main machine consists of backing material storage and distribution device, surface material storage and distribution device and jolt squeezer. This machine is suitable for producing various colorful paving bricks and landscape bricks.



Product Features:
1. The QTF10-15 concrete block brick machine has the advantages of functions and quality of the QT6-15 concrete block brick machine. It has additional automatic layered material distribution device. This device is movable. It can be connected with the block brick machine when producing colorful layered products. The operation can be completed within several minutes. The quantity of the surface material can be adjusted according to our customers' requirements. The distribution of the material is even and uniform, so that the brick has beautiful appearance.
2. The operation of this machine is quite simple. Only by changing the mould, it can be used for producing construction blocks, water conservancy products, curbstones etc.

Technical parameters:

Overall dimension(mm)


Pallet size(mm)

1120脳880脳40mm (wooden)
1120脳880脳25mm (PVC board)

Machine weight(kg)


Mode of vibration

Table and mould vibration

Frequency of vibration(hz)


Molding cycle(s)


Installed capacity(kw)


Rate schedule:

Specification of products (mm)Number of blocks per palletPieces/1 hourPieces/8hoursPieces/300 day(two shifts)
Block01.jpg390脳190脳190 400脳200脳200102,40019,20011,520,000
Hollow Brick02.jpg240脳115脳90245,76046,08027,648,000
Paving Brick03.jpg225脳112.5脳60245,76046,08027,648,000
Standard Brick04.jpg240脳115脳534811,52092,16055,296,000 

6 (2).jpg

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