Hollow Block Making Machine

Brand :HONGYI--QT10-15

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :35 Days

Supply capacity :200 Sets/year

The QT10-15 concrete block brick machine can produce block bricks of 400mm according to the customization requirements of our customers.

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Product introduction:
The QT10-15 concrete block brick machine can produce block bricks of 400mm according to the customization requirements of our customers. For the production of large revetment block brick and curbstone etc., this machine can realize vertical production and optional function of layered material placement, thus providing larger yield and more beautiful appearance of the products.

Technical parameters:

Overall dimension(mm)


Pallet size(mm)

1120脳880脳25mm (PVC board)
1120脳880脳10mm (steel sheet)

Machine weight(kg)


Mode of vibration

Table and mould vibration

Frequency of vibration(hz)


Molding cycle(s)


Installed capacity(kw)


Rate schedule:

Specification of products (mm)Number of blocks per palletPieces/1 hourPieces/8hoursPieces/300 day(two shifts)
Block01.jpg390脳190脳190 400脳200脳2001024001920011520000
Hollow Brick02.jpg240脳115脳902457604608027648000
Paving Brick03.jpg225脳112.5脳602457604608027648000
Standard Brick04.jpg240脳115脳5348115209216055,296,000 

鐓х墖1 509.jpg

Product Features:
1. Quality assurance of the machine parts: The design of every parts of the QT10-15 concrete block brick machine passes several tests carried out by the expert group. They also pass the testing of the national quality supervision and inspection center.
2. Technical innovation: The QT10-15 machine adopts several latest technologies such as four-axis synchronous vibration system, built-in automatic random failure diagnosis and remote supporting system etc.
3. More reasonable configuration: Both the elevator and the automatic pallet feeder are equipped with transportation forklift to reduce manual operation.
4. Solar energy curing
1) This technology can save 25% labor cost and 50% floor area. It can also reduce pallet number and improve early curing quality to ensure the final product quality.
2) The solar energy curing technology can not only improve product quality, it also has the following advantages: environment friendly, no secondary pollution, no additional cost for curing etc.


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System configuration:

1. Forced centrifugal feeding system
The material stored in the silo of the traditional block brick machine will be influenced by the residual vibration, thus causing advanced liquefaction of the concrete. So the time and difficulty of material feeding are increased. The intensity error of the final product is quite large.
While the QT10-15 concrete block brick machine is equipped with forced centrifugal feeding system which adopts independent equip for sorting and distributing material. The feeding capacity of the charging car can be controlled automatically. When the charging car is transported above the molding flask, the material is unloaded by forced centrifugation. The material can be used right after unloading and the material distribution is rapid and even.

2. Four-axis synchronous vibration system
This system combines several technologies such as computer control, Schneider variable frequency system, electric motor drive control etc. This vibration system features large excitation force and small deviation, so that it is suitable for production carried out by large working platform. The vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted according to different raw materials.

3. Humanized control system
1) The system adopts human-computer interface intelligent control system. The computer can store dozens of operation modes for customers to choose. Thus the operation is quite simple.
2) The controllers are all imported from Fuji, Siemens, ABB, Schneider and some other international brands, so that the quality can be ensured.

4. Automated self-diagnosis system
This system is attached to the machine to serve an alarm reporting function and thus facilitate the elimination of any faults. It is also connected with the remote control system through wired Ethernet or wireless connection to realize remote monitoring, control and diagnosis.

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